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The leaves are changing and fall has arrived. Getting ready for the holiday season can be so much fun but also stressful as well. Don't forget to gather with your friends and play some tunes to unwind. Remember to check your humidity and if you need a humidifier in your instrument case, now is the time to get one. This is a good way to prevent a nasty cracks, glue issues, delamination, warping, in short, a little prevention can go a long way. Don't forget about your instrument, they need to be played, the more you play it the less can go wrong. Also keep in mind if you have company and they enjoy playing your bass....it goes in a stand....never leaned up against a wall, do not pick it up by the fingerboard, if you lay it on the floor, lay it on the it's side and not the back. Beds also can be a hazard, on more than one occasion we have had a bass repair from a basses bounced off the bed and onto the nice hard floor. 

But the most important thing to remember....have fun!

Jam Etiquette

Just a few tips. Try to decide if the jam you are looking to join is open or closed.  If it is open you will know right away, people move over for you to sit down, you may get a few nods and smiles....if none of this happens, you may want to move along and find a different scene. Take a look and a listen to see how the jam is going, a circle with each person taking a turn or is there a leader that is calling out who is next, does the last person who played determine the next? Always remember to not be rude. Playing over someone who is taking the lead is just like talking over a person or interrupting someone. If someone is singing lead, this is their time to shine, play rhythm and don't play louder than the person singing. When it is your turn, pick a song people can play, if it is a song no one knows, make sure it is easy to pick up and has minimal chord changes and a rhythm that others can play along with. People who do not have good jam etiquette, although they will generally not be called out, they do get talked about, it makes others grumpy and they are generally not welcomed back and forever tagged as a Jam Buster.

It is really easy, just remember to be polite, don't play over others and wait until your turn.