• GHS Professional Banjo J.D. Crowe Signature Set


    “I've used GHS Strings since they first started making them. When better strings are made, GHS will be the one that makes them”- J.D. Crowe -

    Only the best banjo strings can satisfy a professional like J.D. Crowe and GHS Strings does exactly that. With stainless steel winding, a variety of gauges, and a specially designed loop shape that fits a variety of banjos and tailpieces, GHS can easily accommodate any playing style. With J.D., GHS developed two Signature sets to capture your banjo’s true tone. The first set, PF140, is a light gauge set designed primarily for studio recording. While the PF145 Medium Light set is a little heavier and helps to keep J.D.’s playing strong and powerful while on stage.

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