Innovation Golden Slap Upright Bass Strings


Innovation Double Bass Strings are a major development for double bass players of all musical professions. They meet every requirement, having sufficient lift or edge to the note when playing pizzicato and exciting articulation when bowing. The unique non-metallic core holds its pitch and is virtually unaffected by climate change and give the sound and feel of gut strings.

Low tension, braided core, clear nylon wound set.  The same great string as the Innovation Super Silver Slaps, but with gold tinted nylon overspin. Golden Slaps are designed for gut players who slap, they have a gut sound and a flexible core that produces the sound that traditional slappers love. Whether an acoustic jam at a festival or gigging with a pick-up, these strings are a slappers dream.

If item is out of stock, please allow ample time to fill order.

10% Restock Fee on Returned Restockable Items

Once bass strings are put on a bass, they are no longer brand new and cannot be restocked. 

Once any acoustic or electric string is put on an instrument it is not longer brand new and cannot be restocked.

Any bridge that is cut or modified cannot be restocked.